SSK offers members an extensive range of financing products and services. These products include credit facilities for financing input costs and general farming necessities as well as financing agricultural equipment and implements at favourable rates and terms. Our expertise and experience give us specialist insight into your unique situation in order to satisfy your specific needs. The SSK Credit team also provides customized agricultural, livestock and financial advice and our competent credit managers and agricultural specialists are at your service and ready to help you.

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Credit is granted to the following entities:

1. Members

Credit facilities are determined by a Finance Committee in accordance with SSK’s credit policy, and within the National Credit Act’s (NCA) (Act nr 34 of 2005) regulations. Revision of Credit facilities for members are conducted annually via a credit application form (see Downloads on this page).

Credit facilities are granted to members to finance the following:

  • Production requirements
  • Insurance premiums

  • Capital goods (Hire-purchases)

  • Cash advances for ration services rendered

  • Carry-over debt

  • General goods

  • Interest

2. Non-Members

Incidental credit is granted to non-members.Credit facilities granted, is repayable on the basis of settlement within 30 days from date of statement.

The determination of the credit facilities, for a non-member, is mainly derived from information supplied on the credit application form, credit inquiries via other credit providers (including commercial banks), credit bureaus and financial statements.

See our non-member application form (downloads section).

N.B. Grain buyers are categorised under non-members.

With regard to credit facilities granted (if any) to a non-member with the status of a grain buyer, the same criteria will be applicable as mentioned above. (If necessary, no transfers or offload of any grain will take place before payment is made or confirmed).



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