• Sentraal-Suid Co-operative

    SSK is a primary agricultural co-operative that delivers high-quality products and services to mainly the agricultural industry.

    SSK has an equity interest in, or possesses in full, the following companies:

    • 68%


      Swellenmark owns and manages an upmarket shopping centre in the heart of Swellendam; with local and national tenants. It provides over 6800 square meters of air-conditioned retail space and ample parking to further enhance the shopping experience of each customer.


      T 082 389 0002

    • 100%

      Sentraal-Suid Beleggings

      SSB is an investment company that focuses on viable, non-agricultural opportunities. The current investments consist of Blinkbeleg Vyftien (Pty) Ltd and Riparian Investment Consortium 1 (Pty) Ltd.

      T 028 514 8600

      • 100%

        Blinkbeleg Vyftien

        Blinkbeleg Vyftien is a company that focuses mainly on the letting of fixed properties. Its primary asset is a display room, service centre and fuelling station in Swellendam.

        T 028 514 1150

      • 40%

        Riparian Investment Consortium 1

        RIC1 is a broad based empowerment structure with co-shareholders Riparian Investments (40%) and Fruit Workers Development Trust (20%).

        T 028 514 8600

    • 60%

      Southern Oil

      Southern Oil is a modern oil extraction plant and edible oil refinery situated in Swellendam. It is committed to the provision of the healthier alternative oils, both nationally and internationally. SOILL’s flagship brand is B-Well Canola Oil. It is one of the only oils sold in South Africa that is endorsed by CANSA.


      T 028 514 3441

      • 100%

        Oleos do Sul

        Oleos do Sul is a coconut oil processing plant based in Maxixe, Mozambique with a refinery and packaging plant based in Isithebe, Gauteng.


        E info@soill.co.za

      • 100%

        Energy Omega Oils

        Energy Omega Oils is a pre-eminent supplier of bulk energy feed to the local animal feed industry. They formulate various specialized blends of high quality refined vegetable oils and animal fats, used in animal feed to provide optimum energy and an enhanced coat shine. They have production centers in Blackheath, Western Cape and in Roodekop in Gauteng.


        E info@energyoil.co.za

    • 75%


      Softlutions is an innovative and progressive software development company, that strives to bring software development capabilities to a wider audience. Their core vision of creating more accessible software development, is achieved through FrameworX. FrameworX opens up the world of cost-effective, consistent, feature-rich software development using a few easy-to- understand, yet powerful concepts.


      T 021 852 2141

    • 50%


      Technifarm is a precision farming, monitoring and measuring company. It follows the full cycle of precision farming, and is involved all the way from surveying the farm to the final harvest, not only with supplying machines, but also with service and data processing. Technifarm’s objective is to help farmers to improve their soil fertility and status, so that they can reduce input costs, increase yields, decrease risk and run a more profitable business. Technifarm aims to do all of this whilst minimising the disturbance of ecological systems.


      T 028 514 3140

    • 100%

      Tuinroete Agri

      Tuinroete Agri is a company that focuses mainly on the letting of fixed properties. Its primary assets are properties in the Garden Route region that supply agricultural services and products.


      T 044 601 1200

    • 52.78%

      Hessequa Abattoir

      Hessequa Abattoir was established in 2007 and operates a abattoir in Riversdale. Livestock is purchased from producers throughout the Southern Cape and then processed and distributed to various wholesalers and butchers in South Africa. The company has modern facilities with the highest standards of hygiene that are consistently applied. The company is one of the first companies to implement a biogas plant where electricity is generated from waste material.

      T 028 713 1713

    • 60%

      Eureka Mills

      Eureka Mills produce white bread flour, brown bread flour, cake flour, wholemeal flour, crushed rye and Rye flour from its Karringmelksrivier mill, situated just outside of Heidelberg in the Southern Cape. These products possess definite unique qualities, distinguishing it from alternative and competing products. Eureka Mills only uses high-quality, locally-produced wheat.


      T 028 722 1887

    • 33.33%

      Procuro Grain

      Procuro Grain is a company owned by a strategically located Safex registered silo complex in Randfontein with the primary focus on grain storage and value added for its shareholders.

    • 100%

      Walts Malting

      Walts Malting is a micro malt plant based in Belville, Western Cape and supplies to the national craft beer market. Only local malting barley is used. Walts malting is the only independent private malt plant in South Africa.


      T 021 951 1556