SSK is a major role player in the handling and storage of grain products within the Western Cape, of which the largest amount of Canola in South Africa is handled.  Our silos at Protem, Swellendam, Ashton, Karringmelksrivier, Heidelberg, Krombeksrivier, Riversdale, Albertinia and Herold are easily accessible via road and rail, and are therefore favourably placed for grain buyers and sellers.

The seed cleaning and processing facilities at Swellendam, Heidelberg,  Riverdale, Albertinia and Herold are equipped with the latest  equipment to add value to their customers’ grains, and to supply a top class product.  Further, with regards to the handling, storage and cleaning of grain seeds, SSK offers a facilitation role in the marketing of their clients’ grain.  SSK also buys feed grains in order to supplement our Feed Processing Plant at Karringmelksrivier.

SSK Grain prides itself in offering a professional service to both members and clients.  This is achieved by the handling and storing of stock, adding value to the product, the marketing thereof and the rendering of a first-class administration service.  Grain is our passion and our pride.

Storage & Services

The 9 silo complexes at SSK (Swellendam / Heidelberg / Krombeksrivier / Protem / Karringmelksrivier / Ashton / Riversdale / Albertinia / Herold) as well as the bag depot at Kleinberg have a total fixed storage capacity close to 320 m / ton. SSK also has alternative methods of storing grain as a short-term storage solution.


SSK renders a professional service towards the administration of our clients’ stock which include: Intake, Dispatches, Instructions, Owner transfers, Silo Certificates and Issuing of tax invoices on behalf of producers.


Although SSK are not primarily active in grain marketing, we will from time to time trade in wheat, malting barley, feed barley, oats, canola, maize, triticale and coriander seeds. We sell most of the feed commodities from our grain storage facilities. It can be collected at the silo or delivered directly to the client.


Sentraal-Suid Co-operative has seed processing plants in, Swellendam, Heidelberg, Riversdale, Herold and Albertinia. We strive to provide high-quality seed to our producers. Wheat, barley, oats and triticale seed is multiplied by the National Seed Scheme, and can be purchased by producers. Sentraal-Suid Co-operative also provides canola, lupines and field pea seed to its members on order.