The department that initially operated as SSK Feed Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd, was established with the primary aim to create a stable market for SSK members and grain producers in the Southern Cape. Other important considerations were the better utilization of SSK’s infrastructure and existing staff. The department’s animal feed production plant is located at SSK’s Karringmelksrivier silo complex. The plant has been in production since May 2000 and has a production capacity of about 2,700 tons per month.


The division aims to use as much as possible locally produced raw materials in the composition of their rations. The division has, since its inception, managed to secure a stable domestic market for products like feed barley, triticale and yellow maize and was instrumental to the prices that local grain producers has received for these products over the past few seasons .


All the organization’s raw materials are properly rated and continuously analysed in a laboratory to ensure that the composition, especially in terms of protein content, is above reproach. Ration formulation is done by using “Format International’s” minimum cost ration formulation package. This computer package is used by most major feed companies and ensure optimal formulation at a minimum cost basis.

The division seeks to continuously apply an utilize the latest research results in formulating rations.


The weighing of raw materials and mixing thereof is done from a central control room using a computer. Computer printouts are made of each mixture and samples of the finished mixed feed are analyzed on a regular basis. This minimizes human error and ensure products of high and uniform quality. The plant is equipped to produce mash and pellets in bulk or bags.


Delivery facilities for bulk and bags are available. Bulk delivery is a minimum of 6 tons and bags a minimum of 8 tons. Customers also have the option to self-collect their feed at the plant.


Currently, a fully registered dairy group consisting of a urea-free series with a protein content of 12%, 15%, 17% or 20% and a urea-containing series with a protein content of 15%, 17% or 20% are provide. An energy supplement for grazing as well as complete Calf Creep Pellets is also available. Although the plant was originally created for mixing concentrates, the plant also has registered Ostrich starter- and Ostrich grower- rations which is available on request. Special customer mixes is also available on request.



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