We refer to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of a national 3-week isolation period and our prayers go out to South Africans and people worldwide who are currently fighting the COVID-19 virus. We assure you that SSK’s responsibility for reviewing our daily activities is taken in a very serious light, so that the spread of the virus can be fought and combatted.

Over the past 89 years, SSK has assisted its members through thick and thin and during these uncertain times, SSK will continue to provide the service you require from us. With this letter, we want to assure you that we are prioritising national measures to ensure the well-being of our staff, members and clients, while still not, as far as humanly possible, sacrificing efficiency. Our doors will therefore remain open at this time of isolation, and our Purchasing department will remain focused on inventory management to the best of our ability. Industries such as Retail, Grain, Feed Manufacturers, Mechanisation and Seed will be open as usual and during normal working hours, while Administrative and Insurance staff members will be working from their homes.

The following Executive and Senior Management are available by phone as well as by email:

Erenst Pelser, Chief Executive Officer, 082 388 0028, erenst.pelser@ssk.co.za
Villiers van Veen, Chief Financial Officer, 083 687 7744, villiers.vanveen@ssk.co.za
Henk de Beer, Chief Operational Officer, 083 388 0022, henk.debeer@ssk.co.za
Patrick Nelissen, Senior Manager: Mechanisation, 083 447 9286, patrick.nelissen@ssk.co.za
Andre Burger, Senior Manager: Retail, 082 524 8668, andre.burger@ssk.co.za
Henry Gale, Senior Manager: Grain, 082 440 3304, henry.gale@ssk.co.za
Andre Joubert, Senior Manager: Credit, 064 870 4905, andre.joubert@ssk.co.za
Jacques Buys, Senior Manager: Information, 082 305 1974, jacques.buys@ssk.co.za
Annelie van Wyk, Senior Manager: Marketing and Communication, 082 460 6579, annelie.vanwyk@ssk.co.za
Alwyn Burger, Senior Manager: Human Resources, 082 305 4029, alwyn.burger@ssk.co.za
Emmie Germishuys, Senior Manager: Finance, 082 449 9468, emmie.germishuys@ssk.co.za
Koos van Zyl, Senior Manager: Credit, 082 388 0025, koos.vanzyl@ssk.co.za
Herbert Streicher, Senior Manager: IT, 082 385 8289, herbert.streicher@ssk.co.za
Adam van Wyk, Senior Manager: Feed Manufacturers, 072 107 5827, adam.vanwyk@ssk.co.za

We want to assure you that SSK will continue to strive for excellence at all times and will try to keep you up to date as much as possible.

Kind regards

Ernest Pelser

Chief Executive Officer